Financial Street new media, born in 2017, as a global and forward-looking selective financial information media service provider, a cross-boarder M&A projects dealing platform. Relying on the analysis and exclusive project resources of big data, we can realize the all-weather and one-stop global project cooperation information service.

FS new media headquartered in Toronto, Canada. At present, as North American project information cooperation first has become one of the most influential financial professional media in the field of merger and acquisition and project cooperation between China and Canada.

N+ Daily selective financial information located, precise financial service navigation

150+ Daily update M&A projects information

80+ Daily FS exclusive cooperation update

120+ Senior economists dig into the value of the investment behind the macro economy.

100+ Experts in project M&A and capital operation to share practical experience with you.

220+ Investment Banks, funds and well-known consulting firms provide the most professional and efficient services for your project cooperation transactions.

100+ Every year, various summits, salons, overseas project roadshows and other online and offline activities are waiting for you.

FS new media platform covers 29 countries' global information and project cooperation channels; There is a timely information on China, the world's largest market, providing a hot analysis of the most unique perspectives. There is also the global investment industry report analysis, overseas project investigation, merger and acquisition course training, Chinese buyer professional Chinese service. And, more importantly, the FS cooperation new media is the annual turnover of $170 million (2017), currently has 13000 + users of global cooperation projects M&A transaction platform.

       “金融街新媒体网”(FS new media),是始创于1998年的金融街电讯(Financial Street Telecom)旗下的全球财讯聚合新媒体服务商和项目并购合作交易平台。FS new media首创WPP财经新媒体技术应用模式,独家中英文双语专业传播,依托大数据财讯分析与独家项目资源,实现全天候一站式全球项目合作信息服务。金融街新媒体网总部位于加拿大多伦多,目前已成在促进中国与加拿大企业并购与项目合作领域中最具影响力的财经专业媒体之一,北美项目资讯合作第一门户。


N+   每日精选全球财经关键资讯,精准财经服务导航

150+ 每日更新项目并购合作资讯信息

80+  每日更新金融街新媒体独家项目并购交易机会

120+ 资深经济学家家为你挖掘宏观经济背后的投资价值

100+ 项目并购与资本运营专家与你分享实操经验

220+ 投行、基金、咨询公司为您的项目合作交易提供最专业高效的服务

100+ 每年论坛、沙龙、海外项目路演等线上线下活动等你出席


FS new media平台覆盖29个国家的全球资讯与项目合作渠道;有对全球最大市场中国的及时资讯,提供最具独特视角的热点分析。这里还有,全球投资行业报告分析、海外项目考察、并购课程培训、中国买家专业中文服务。

更重要的是,FS new media是一个年合作交易额1.7亿美元(2017),目前拥有13,000+用户的全球项目并购合作交易平台。