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Erawork - A new office model in the sharing economy

Dec 21th, 2019,Toronto  Canada   by Jason Yo


Yan Liu , in front of  logo wall as Erawork  co-founder and CEO

As early as 2015, the shared office model became popular, and there was even a year called the first year of shared office. 2016 was an outbreak year, and now it's been nearly four years since shared office officially began.

A good workspace is an integral part of an enterprise's growth. Companies need to connect and collaborate with their employees in the right environment, and they need to expand their business. For 2020, the office environment is most likely to be a highly connected, shared, and versatile place that will redefine the boundaries between departments and allow everyone to perform at their best in the shared office area.

Liu Yan, female, was born in Beijing in 1982. She graduated from Peking University with doctor in government management.  In July 2019, she co-founded the Erawork and served as the CEO of Erawork (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

"Shared office" is a new way for young people to work. It breaks the gap between the traditional office grids and knocks down the walls for sharing interactions between people, so that you can not only get a more relaxed and high-quality office environment, but also obtain resources and contacts that you usually can't get more effectively. The real shared office is not only "office", but also "communication" and "discussion". The core of the office is always "people", not desks and chairs.

The core of the asset-light custody model of Erawork lies in "lightness". Here light, but not only the light model, but also the light customer fees, but also the light asset holders get rid of idle heavy capital after the light.

The systemization of the Erawork has realized the provision of office space services and the satisfaction of enterprise development needs, moreover, the establishment of enterprise social platform and the incubation of innovation in emerging industries.

It not only provides satisfactory service for partners, but also plays a significant role in promoting enterprise efficiency and economic growth.According to the survey data of the CECU on the enterprises that have entered the Shared office in Beijing, it is shown that:

1) In Beijing, 81% of member companies have significantly improved their production efficiency after entering and sharing;

2) The four-person company can save tens of thousands of yuan in rent costs every year.It is the cost savings combined with the social service support of the Erawork that makes the member companies generate 34% revenue growth and triple the turnover growth in the same period.

3)One third of the Erawork member companies have been inspired by other members in their business development. The corporate social concept has been vividly displayed in the Erawork.Survey data show that an average member in the Erawork can post additional promote add 1.1 jobs, inspire a 2.1 times on the same level of the market economic driving force.

Elegant shared office space environment, flexible shared office way, Shared office to meet the needs of different employees and different enterprises, so that employees of different enterprises can communicate and interact with each other, common growth and progress, but also further promote the development of Shared office in China.