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Wells Fargo has agreed to pay $2.09 billion in penalties to settle claims related to mortgage loans originated in the run-up to the financial crisis.


Work Requirements Hurt Poor Families—and Won’t Work

With the unemployment rate around 4% and people flooding back into the workforce, the question facing economic policy makers has changed: Once the cyclical recovery has fully run its course, what can be done to help into employment Americans still left behind? 


真正的独角兽企业不仅应该是估值超过 10 亿美元,而且是要在所处的行业里处于绝对领先的地位,强调持续的创新领导力才是保持独角兽企业持续发展的核心竞争力。资本结构问题、管理断裂问题、团队断层问题是这类公司必须要通过管理控制解决的核心问题,有效地设计管理体系,形成规模和管理水平同步增长的企业组织,是独角兽们必须要练好的内功。


A Mississippi poultry supplier will pay $3.75 million to Hispanic workers, ending an eight-year legal fight. 


Advisers are adding guarantees to certain merger agreements in light of the sexual misconduct scandals that have enveloped the producer Harvey Weinstein and other high-profile businessmen -- ones that legally vouch for the behavior of a company’s leadership.


Losing money in China’s stock market? You can still afford a meal of rice and pickles, washed down with a $2 bottle of baijiu to numb the pain.


The bleach and nutritional supplements manufacturer reported fourth quarter fiscal year earnings of $1.66 a share Thursday, beating estimates for $1.58 a share. Sales came in at $1.69 billion versus forecasts for $1.72 billion. Clorox said it sees fiscal year 2019 earnings in a range of $6.32 to $6.52 a share. Wall Street anticipated $6.37 a share.  


The big airlines. The hospital systems that dominate many metro areas. Gigantic retailers like Walmart and Amazon. And, increasingly, technology companies like Facebook and Google.