Finding Energy


After years of measuring California’s Sierra snowpack from the air, the agency is now developing similar systems for space.

World Energy Investment 2018

"The decline in global investment for renewables and energy efficiency combined could threaten the expansion of clean energy needed to meet energy security, climate and clean-air goals. While we would need this investment to go up rapidly, it is disappointing to find that it might be falling this year.”

'Electrogeochemistry' captures carbon, produces fuel, offsets ocean acidification

Limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius will require not only reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, but also active removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

Off-grid Renewables are Growing, Bringing Socio-economic Benefits to Millions

New IRENA brief highlights positive momentum for off-grid renewable energy, and its transformative impact as a key pillar of Sustainable Development Goal 7