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FS news:CEPETech unveiled the mystery of equity investment with you

At 10:00 am on March 9, 2019, the AI+ private teaching series of Artificial Intelligence and Equity Investment exclusively created by CECU International Exhibition Technology (CEPETech) was held in Beijing erawork No.1. The course adopts the way of offline interaction and online global live broadcast, attracting many entrepreneurs to attend.

CEPETech AI+ private teaching series lessons are organized by Central Entrepreneur Capital Union (CECU) and CECU International Exhibition Technology (CEPETech), trying to create a course mode combining knowledge sharing and corporate social interaction, presenting a classroom scene with exquisite content in a short time. So that the students can not only harvest the practice of real stuff, but also get the opportunity to communicate with senior personnel face to face cooperation.

Knowledge sharing

This private lesson invites Mr. Yu Baiwen, the founding partner and the president of Qingchuangbole Capital, and the investor guest speaker of CCTV-2 financial channel "entrepreneur hero club", to discuss the secret behind equity investment with entrepreneurs. In today's social environment, without equity, nobody can be rich, what can be changed by participating in equity investment? Mr. Yu brought us the depth of interpretation. Now equity investment has entered a big era, through the stock markets, bond markets, fund markets and other capital markets to raise funds, risk sharing, capital circulation and other functions. Secondly, the depth of the equity investment of the multi-level capital market. From the main board of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges to the SME, GEM, OTC and private equity.

Listening carefully

Mr. Yu

As for private equity funds, Mr. Yu mentioned three precautions in particular: beware of funds flowing to self-established accounts of financial institutions, beware of funds that have not been filed with the fund association, and beware of products promising high returns. At the same time, in view of the industrial trend of China under the new normal of economic development, Mr. Yu highlighted the booming development of strategic emerging industries, service industry and modern manufacturing industry.

The Class

And we would like to express my gratitude to the partners of this period of private teaching -- BRC Holding Group, Eagle Investment Group and Dae Capital for their strong support. BRC Holding Group (stock code: 600466, SH) ranks the 22nd among China's top 100 real estate enterprises in terms of comprehensive strength. The BRC focuses on the core needs of human life, provide innovative solutions from life to life, and creates a happy life for the masses. In view of the financial supply side reform, The BRC focused on its financial non-standard innovation business in this private lesson, which echoed the equity investment content of Mr. Yu bowen.

Representative of BRC

Eagle Investment Group, as a comprehensive transnational financial service group integrating financial investment, overseas listing, fund management, asset operation and other services, elaborated the process of going public in Australia for entrepreneurs in this private course and answered questions for enterprises going public in Australia. As a company focuses on the service of Canadian investment, study abroad, Dae Capital, also showed the charm of Canadian investment in this private lesson.

At the end of the lesson, Mr. Luo Yuanfu, President of CECU headhunting club and known as “the timely rain of HR", as the guest speaker of the next session, introduced the private teaching lesson of "AI+ human resources" on April 13th. Mr. Luo will teach the next private lesson from the perspective of human resources, on how to avoid the five "minefields" in the practice of HR in enterprises.

From knowledge sharing, brand display, business cooperation, lunch exchange to project road show, CEPETech AI+ private teaching series lessons are committed to providing all-round services to customers, creating the first lesson in Beijing.

As the organizer, CEPETech has opened up a third space for students and teachers, providing opportunities for one-on-one and in-depth communication in time and space. "Making friends with AI+ private teaching series", which is the service goal of the organizer. AI + private teaching series will meet you at every month, our service object covers business and government, and other social sectors, services include: exhibition and forum, social media, in-house training, senior talent recommendation, enterprise strategic management consulting, High-Tech enterprises incubation services, public policy research, the development of globalization business consulting. Each phase of CEPETech will launch special courses, and senior experts from all walks of life will be invited as the main lecturer at that time. We are committed to serving customers, telling the most practical application skills, and enjoying the most fashionable high-end social contact.

On March 9, 2019, the AI+ private teaching series of Artificial Intelligence and Equity Investment successfully ended. The teaching content of high-quality courses made the students sigh that they had gained a lot at the end. The teaching mode of knowledge sharing and community exchange also attracted more students to join.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the next AI+ private teaching class.

Preparing the classroom

Social contact

Social contact

Brochure of invited companies

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