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[FS News]CEPETech AI+ tax planning private education class successfully held

Create the first lesson of Beijing, CEPETech AI+ tax planning private education class successfully held.

At 9:00 am on November 24th, 2018, AI+ tax planning private education series exclusively created by CEPETech was held in Beijing.

The course adopts offline interaction and online live broadcast, attracting many entrepreneurs to participate.

The CEPETech AI+ Personal Education Series strives to create a curriculum model that combines knowledge sharing and social interaction, allowing the attendees to gain practical opportunities for face-to-face communication while harvesting practical dry goods.

Online live broadcasts enable a wider spread of AI+ knowledge, a perfect combination of business value and social value.

The experts in this private education class are: well-known independent economist, Du Meng, chairman of CECU China Enterprise Capital Alliance; managing partner of Fiat Capital, senior blockchain scholar Ling Ziang; Gengxing technology CEO Bai Hongyu; and Beijing Zhongxin Xinda The general manager of the taxation firm, Cheng Liyuan, the founder of the legal tax avoidance ten major strategy.

The special expert host of this private education class is Dr. Liu Yan, a well-known financial commentator.

Mr. Du Meng analyzed the new model of fiscal taxation in 2018 and the future development trend of artificial intelligence. The topic is novel and the language is sharp. Mr. Ling Ziang, a senior expert in the blockchain area, explained the three elements and business models of the AI+ blockchain, and demonstrated the blockchain examples and investment details.

In the interactive session, the block game and the artificial intelligence application and the students started a wonderful game and discussion. The students had great interest in the topic of artificial intelligence and blockchain.

The director of Gengxing Technology CEO Bai Hongyu deeply analyzed the importance and future direction of artificial intelligence in the field of education.

Tax planning is a problem that many companies and individuals have to face. In three hours, Mr. Cheng has in-depth explanations on rational planning of tax issues, and patiently sorts out the basic ideas of tax planning and ways to effectively reduce tax burden. It was a wonderful interpretation of the Fan Bingbing incident. The eight-hour quality course allowed the students to express their worthwhile trips at the end.

The organizer opened up a third space for the participants and teachers, providing one-on-one opportunities for deep communication in time and space. “Make a friend with the AI+ Private Lessons Series”, this is the service goal of the organizer to create this course. The AI+ Private Lessons series will meet with you every month. Each session will be launched with a special course.

At that time, senior experts from all walks of life will be invited as the main lecturers, dedicated to serving customers, telling the most practical application skills and enjoying the most fashionable high-end social.

On December 22, 2018, the AI+ Private Lessons series of artificial intelligence and new media marketing will be on the way, and the miss is the biggest regret in 2018. Let AI+ Personal Lessons work with you for a warm winter.

About CEPETech

CEPETech (CECU International Exhibition Technology co.,LTD) is an international exhibition technology group with105 professional management consultants. We are committed to provide innovative, strategic and perspective commercial optimization solutions, as well as

fully-covered professional services to our clients.

Our customer segments target many social sectors including commercial departments and government. Our services include exhibition and forum, new media publicity, enterprise internal training, headhunting services, internal training, specific consultation for high-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprises incubation,PR policy and strategy research, as well as globalized BD consultation.

打造京城第一课,CEPETech AI+税务筹划私教课成功举办

2018年11月24日上午9:00,由CEPETech会展科技独家打造的AI+私教课系列之人工智能与税务筹划在京举办。课程采取线下互动与线上全球直播的方式,吸引了众多企业家学员前来参加。CEPETech AI+私教课系列力图打造知识分享与社交互动相结合的课程模式,让听课嘉宾收获实操干货的同时,获得面对面深度交流的合作机会。在线直播则实现了AI+知识的更广泛传播,商业价值与社会价值的完美结合。

本期私教课主讲专家老师有:知名独立经济学家,CECU中企资本联盟主席杜猛;Fiat Capital 管理合伙人,资深区块链学者凌子昂;亘星科技CEO白洪瑜;以及北京中税信达税务师事务所总经理,合法避税十大方略创始人程立元。本期私教课特邀专家主持人是知名财经评论员刘艳博士。




2018年12月22日,AI+私教课系列 人工智能与新媒体营销,将如约来袭,错过就是2018年度最大的遗憾。让AI+私教课与你携手一起温馨过冬。




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