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FS News:"Lightning protection" guides for HR in enterprise

At 10:00 am, April 13, 2019, artificial intelligence and human resources, one of the AI+ private teaching series, exclusively created by CEPETech exhibition technology was held in Beijing times workshop no.1. The course adopts the way of offline interaction and online global broadcast, attracting many entrepreneurs to attend.

CEPETech exhibition technology co., LTD., together with the Times workshop, held series of artificial intelligence and human resources private teaching courses of CEPETech AI+ private teaching. AI+ private teaching course is positioned at knowledge sharing + instant social contact, committed to providing all-round services to customers, and creating the first lesson in Beijing.

Mr. Luo is giving a passionate lecture

The students are listening carefully

This private teaching course invited Luo Yuanfu, President of the headhunting club of CECU Chinese enterprise capital alliance and a partner performance management expert of Peking University, as the keynote speaker, to go deep into the secrets behind the enterprise human resources for entrepreneurs. The competition of enterprises comes from the competition of talents. In this era, to seize talents is to truly seize the competitiveness. How to reshape the enterprise's human resource management and build the real core competitiveness of the enterprise requires the joint commitment and efforts of the general manager, human resource manager, line manager and employees. As the first responsible person of human resources, the general manager should pay enough attention to and insist on it. Human resource manager needs to make feasible design scheme at the top-level design level of performance management system. As a front-line manager, human resource is one of his first duties and main tasks. He should put time and energy into performance management and staff training. As the master of human capital, employees are the top priority of the whole cycle framework.

On-the-spot interactive Q&A

For some enterprises with chaotic performance incentive mechanism, teacher Luo proposed to promote good and suppress evil, to create a real community of interests, career honor and spiritual life. Specifically speaking, it is to create four incentive channels for employees to get rich, get promoted, provide for the aged and be happy, and solve the essential problem of enterprise human resources, namely the problem of dividing the honor and profit, from the specific aspects of salary level, post level, shareholder level and cultural system.

Mr. Luo is signing a book to send it

After the knowledge sharing, the private teaching class provided the link of the live road show for the guests. Thanks to the quality testing center of the construction project (Beijing) visual environment, benefit son of education evaluation center, Beijing science and technology co., LTD., Beijing cylinder support charitable foundation AI nine year compulsory education plan of the office, the visual environment quality evaluation center as the national professional visual environment evaluation institutions, combined with the private teaching human resources theme, to bring us the human resources share with visual environment of goods quality guaranteed. Yizishida education technology takes housing as the entry point and brings you the unique charm of the I ching. The AI universal project office, which focuses on AI charity, also brought the unique charm of artificial intelligence to this private course.

Mr. Hu is introducing the visual environment

Mr. Wu is interacting with feng shui knowledge

Ms. Fang Ping is explaining the plan of AI pujiu charity fund

Social interaction

On-site communication and interaction

As the organizer, CEPETech opens up a third space for the students and teachers present, providing opportunities for one-to-one deep communication in time and space. "Making friends through series of AI+ private teaching", which is the service goal of the organizer.

Series of AI + private teaching will meet you at the end of each month, our service object covers business and government, and other social sectors, services include: exhibition BBS, new media, in-house training, senior talent recommendation, enterprise strategic management consulting, hi-tech enterprises incubation services, public policy research, the development of globalization business consulting. CEPETech will launch special courses in each phase, at which time senior experts from all walks of life will be invited as the keynote teacher, dedicated to serving customers, telling the most practical application skills, and enjoying the most fashionable high-end social contact.

On April 13, 2019, artificial intelligence and human resources one of the series of AI+ private teaching of private teaching ended successfully. The teaching mode of knowledge sharing and community communication also attracted more students to join. For details, please contact Miss Zhao, 15201161637.

I am looking forward to meeting you at the next AI+ private teaching class.

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