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ID:A201807189CH China Modern Agriculture Park project financing 22 million RMB

China Modern Agriculture park project financing 22 million RMB.The project will be used as an extension of the original succulent laboratory of Shanghai's rare succulent plants, and will be invested in the construction of the first domestic succulent plants and precious orchids and other cross-species flower breeding bases, operated by an ecological agriculture company. Through advanced breeding technology, we will integrate domestic advanced rare succulent plants and orchid plant markets, promote the advanced rare succulents and orchids, and manage the ecological agriculture and leisure industry.

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ID:M201807254US 美国加州某知名养老院项目寻求股权融资

美国某知名养老院为以下种类客户提供非医疗家庭护理服务,包括:1)老年痴呆患者,2)耆老护理;3)全年龄段的生活方式援助;4)救济护理;5)临终关怀;6)恢复护理;7)医院私人看护;8)7*24家庭护理服务。 服务范围主要位于北加州的7个区域,2018年将扩展到南加州和华盛顿州。 财务数据:2016年,营收1000万美元,净收入45%;2017年,营收1800万美元,净收入50%。

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