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[FS News] MRS.GLOBE Beijing competition launch open up

Financial Street New Media reporting: the 22nd Mrs globe global lady competition, global press conference and Beijing competition launch ceremony jointly supported by CECU China and Financial street new media are being held at W hotel in Beijing Chang' an street at noon on July 31, 2018. ​  MRS. GLOBE  was founded in 1996 and is one of the most influential competitions in the world. With the accumulation of world ladies in the field of welfare and charity, the influence from the west to the world has gradually expanded and the positive role in the cultural exchange of women has become increasingly prominent.

MRS.GLOBE aims at beauty, wisdom, love and success. Through promoting the development of public welfare and charity, it cares about women's rights and actively organizes social welfare activities. Following the theme of " world peace and women's development" is a great undertaking to promote the quality of married women, promote social progress and safeguard world peace. The competition has become one of the most influential events in the world since it successfully held its 21st session. It has molded many inspirational models of contemporary elite women and has exerted extensive and positive social effects.

Now, the 2018 new season is about to begin. This competition will draw on the successful experience of Mrs globe and introduce more excellent social resources such as culture, education and public welfare to present high-quality women's competitions with international standards. Mrs globe's China contest is not only a stage for China's outstanding love women world to show its elegant demeanour, but also an important platform for contemporary Chinese women to highlight their confidence, convey their health and beauty, promote their love and create social values. Financial street new media report.

Financial Street New Media reporting. 金融街新媒体现场报道:于2018年7月31日午时,由CECU中企资本联盟,金融街电讯全球新媒体中心联合支持的第二十二届MRS.GLOBE环球夫人大赛全球总决赛暨环球夫人大赛全球新闻发布会暨北京赛区启动仪式正在北京长安街W酒店举行。

MRS. GLOBE 环球夫人大赛创立于1996年,是全球最具影响力赛事之一,伴随着环球夫人们在公益慈善领域的日积月累,从西方至全球的影响力逐步扩大以及在女性文化交流方面日益突显积极作用。




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